Your Gaze (video project)

In my latest body of work, I delve into the disturbing world of racial stereotypes of African Americans as perpetuated through advertising, propaganda, and the relentless machinery of popular culture commercialism. Each video in this series is a deliberate contradiction: haunting and unsettling in its content, yet undeniably beautiful and polished in its execution. By employing the aesthetics of the commercialism that often propagates these stereotypes, I aim to lure the viewer into a space of cognitive dissonance, where the image's allure clashes with its implications' ugliness. This tension is intentional, forcing a confrontation with the insidious nature of how African American identities are manipulated and commodified in the public sphere. Through this work, I seek to critique and engage viewers in a deeper examination of the visuals we consume and the underlying narratives they perpetuate.

Creating this series has been a journey of navigating the fine line between critique and perpetuation, of ensuring that the beauty in the photographs serves as a lure to engage rather than a veneer that obscures the gravity of the subject matter. Each image is a carefully constructed tableau, drawing on the iconography of advertising and pop culture to seduce and repel, highlighting the pervasive nature of these stereotypes and their impact on real life. By recontextualizing these images within the framework of fine art photography, I aim to strip them of their original intent and expose the hollow, harmful core beneath the glossy surface. This series is my invitation to viewers to reflect on the power of imagery in shaping perceptions and to consider the responsibility of creating and consuming visual culture. Through this work, I aspire to spark a dialogue about representation, identity, and how art can challenge and dismantle entrenched societal norms.